Bowls 3
by Kristina Drake

"You must see the world differently," you said. "You must—

Just then,

struck by your cupped hand arcing the spine of my slim volume, its chord. Your fingers, slender as the legs of Pholcidae¹ spiders, still light on the page, resembling grace, loosely held

filaments, silk spun like fingering through the counters and bowls of this score. You hold the moment still, pulling at this or that string, tension in your hand balanced by how lightly your fingers strike chords, still.

—see poetry in everything."

¹ Daddy Long Legs

Kristina Drake lives and writes in Montreal. She is the author of three chapbooks; the most recent, Ascents, was published in 2002. Her poems have also appeared in Soliloquies (2002) and Yalla! zine (2004).