What Am I?
by Marie Teresa Giuliani

Fragile guilt-ridden consequentially unbalanced Swallowing the pits of your indecencies Eternally loyal (Though you would disagree)

Three hundred sixty spirals (out of co n t r o l) curling into a continuum with no conceptual notions of radius Exhaustion an indefinite reality I only know I ache

Constantly hungry (despite your tendency to overfeed) Lonely as I am resented Raising my neglected lashes Catching a suspicious glance chance accidentally turning your life astray turning from me betrayed I recede wounded by unoriginal syntax

Occasional caresses turn cold hard fast Away A weight on your chest Despising my very existence (no long-term recollection of my conception) Yet sometimes sympathetic nights find you empty as anxiously dry wretched sobs And I'll revel in your attentiveness until the unfortunate dawn presents a new resolve whom you (temporarily) befriend Then blaming me for invented alphabets Claim to be my protector (protector of me protecting me from thee) Praising yourself in the back

I remember a time once when I made you feel good, oh so good don't stop don't

Stop and acknowledge this metamorphosized reality A hollow eggshell cracking (I am lying dormant) though revenge is not in my vocabulary deceivingly (I wake) crumbling and unintentionally Catastrophic

This is my plea(se)

(I am your lie you deny me always)

Maria Giuliani is new to Montreal, new to writing, and new to the Montreal writing scene. Current writing endeavours include music reviews, a chapbook of poetry, and lyrics for a local songwriter.