Mimosa Dust
by Gina Roitman

In winter I dream of Provence.

I long for the howl of the Mistral when it rips through the valley below like an angry lover in search of his fickle mistress.

In his fury, he scatters mimosa dust. It flies from his coattails settles on everything whispers beneath my sneakers on my way to town.

Sometimes the Mistral stands at my window. He rattles the shutters with a fury demanding to know, Is She in there?

A Montrealer by choice and inclination, Gina Roitman is a writer and poet whose stories have aired on CBC Radio and appeared in The Gazette, The Literary Review of the Canadian Jewish News and carte blanche where she was the first prize winner in the inaugural issue. Her poetry has previously appeared in Quills Poetry Magazine. Currently, she is working on the completion of a documentary film and a book of short stories.