that you and i could cool the world
by Ami Harbin

we shot that sheriff and everything moving in sight high hopes for the low down that you and i could cool the world while playing hand games in some francophone orchard when orchard means gone some how of it must have our musts outdone and little did we know they cool themselves

you and my other embellishments improvements inebriates are shrugs are fountainheads are an early winter to my full and wist you and your other bodies hark backs attempts are a tardy spring

if it were convincing that dread would drown unfounded that trampolining i broke not the good of you all swell would preen and on your plans trapezing soon would start your eyes unfaulting me begin the mood of then would 'sume our nows but no

i'll tell you what i want: you, but more than i can handle me, but less of a fence this, but with gentle with coolant with a nevernever everything, but in infancy nothing, but only to make me crave again

Ami Harbin was born in Victoria, B.C., in 1984. She has spent time living and writing in Edmonton and Halifax and now studies philosophy in Montreal. Maybe one day she'll get used to walking on thin ice. Some of her poetry has appeared or will appear in Contemporary Verse 2, Fathom and in the anthology A Quiet, Bashful Man [AB Collector Publishing, 2006]. These poems are from her as-yet-unpublished collection, plicitly.