On the spot
by Paris Elizabeth Sea

On the spot coincidence of ovum and spermatozoon single mingled zooming exponential of two

On the spot the leak sprung in the amnion gushing pushing hurried separation from one

On the spot helpless ferocity attacking the mamilla greedy grateful lamb slaying the wolf of hunger

On the spot the object I gaining permanence me mine lonely nativity of unique

On the spot point exclaiming youthful certainty interrogative period evolving punctuation of knowing

On the spot pressed advantages interweaving tryst kiss unspoken vow of intimacy

On the spot calendar days to be x'ed left un-x'ed wait late missing show of blood

On the spot resplendent sighs lightening answers bounded binding respirable burdens of joy

On the spot meandering assumptions reconsidered wend mend palinode of lingering days

On the spot diapason's final note stranded synapse chasm unending fermata upon existence

Paris Elizabeth Sea was born in Ontario, and now lives in Montreal where she is raising four children with her husband. She writes whenever she can, usually poetry, and usually late, late at night. Her poetry is scheduled to appear in the fall, 2007 edition of Contemporary Verse 2, available in October.