A Laying on of Hands
by Elise Moser

she laid her hands on me a birthday gift that laid me naked on a table in a house where a rabbit hopped from room to room in casual perambulation

in her man's voice, low and serious, she said à quoi ça sert, la poésie?

Gema laid her hands on me folding and unfolding the sheet like a surgeon

she had stillness at her command and used it for a summoning— with her open palms upon my skull she called the waves and they washed over me

Gema laid her hands on me you had too much energy at your feet, she said I pulled some of it up to your head

Gema laid her hands on me

à quoi ça sert, la poésie?

Elise Moser has previously published poems in carte blanche and also in nth position. She has published twenty short stories in anthologies and periodicals, and won the CBC/QWF Short Story Competition twice. She is coeditor, with Claude Lalumière, of Lust for Life: Tales of Sex and Love. Her first novel will be published by Cormorant Books in 2009.