Act As If
by K.V. Skene

sky-high on ecstasy, on harsh whitesound, on black nightmusic, on the addictive click of dice on greenfelt, on the slow heartthump of prayer—you sin, you lose, you dare win

as if at home deep in a familiar dream and fear walks through your bones while you watch the whey-faced moon wind around your skin like a shroud … suddenly you see what freedom death allows …

as if this great-green-growing globe was your personal planet, your mothergarden where you quickfinger fruit and seed and stem and root—fresh as manna from some drugged-dream of heaven, sweet as mother's milk and yours, all yours …

K. V. Skene's work has appeared in Canadian, US, UK, Irish, Australian, and Austrian magazines. Her latest book Love in the (Irrational) Inperfect was published in Canada by Hidden Brook Press. She currently lives in Oxford.