Logizomechano 1
by Nathaniel G. Moore

user used, login lawed, tagging system minted, dated

migration V-form pattern patters g-spot consulted for 
out of orgasm experience, piercing decibel close to bladder 
welcome to bi-curious, bi-polar, a scant connectivity, hones us

lexical spy who'll sniff at coasters torment in tiny photographs

a pose: two wooden back scratchers pry a mouth open: flashbulb cracks 
molars, whale blowhole blows
 carry e-cadaver of hope off to public domain dungeon

we are not clams not bucks "he" digs "her" translucent skin translate lubricate infinite pink as prep cook preps cute
electronics feast tweak seeking mussels

on this tidal night, blind slaves of fear circulates as ghosts wetmarks glass page 
 cnnt hld CTRL-S CTRL-V blind prodding cutpaste cuttlefish fingerprints honewaist enslaving fear-heaving judgmental mental 
case deranged engagement bruise

a user used: a password passed: zeromyhero get unmatrimonial get left for a jpeg linger in lingerie jingle: i dreamt last night 
that one of my poems was being used as an ad for razorblades, mistaken again.

(Logizomechanophobia is the fear of computers)

Nathaniel G. Moore is the author of Bowlbrawl (Conundrum Press; Montreal, 2005) Let's Pretend We Never Met (Pedlar Press; Toronto, 2007) co-editor of Toronto Noir (Akashic Books; 2008) currently at work on two fiction projects.