by Rachna Vohra

I am the daughter who left Old parents planting seeds of Stay I partitioned their country And placed a border between us Like Hindus turning on Muslims turning on Hindus We hope that our distance is not circular

I am the daughter who left Lonely father and quiet mother Raised me like flowers in a neighbour’s garden Plucked by the hands of a child Handing them a Bouquet Of sadness

I am the daughter who left Pacing father and busied mother Staring out the window on the front door of yesterday Watching as leaves fall They look for my footprints in the grass Parched They sit in their tubewell

I am the daughter who left Echoes of my laughter Like a house haunted by my absence Father sighs in the sun All he sees is Shade My smile like dewdrops vanished In the afternoon sun

Rachna Vohra is a Montreal-born poet, writer, and spoken word artist. Her published works include "The Distance Within" and "The Acorn and the Caterpillar", and her poetry has been featured in Inscribed; The Pedestal Magazine; Cahoots Magazine; and is forthcoming in Panoply.